Our Tours

Easy tour

At this tour we are taking the flat road lake side to Struga. After Struga we are visiting the two very old cave churches in Kalishta and Radozda. In Kalishta we will see a nice complex of churches. Radozda is a fisherman's village which is very close to the Albanian border.

Easy/Medium tour

On this tour we are leading you through villages in the north side of Ohrid Lake. On the way we are visiting the volcano in Kosel , the beautiful mountain Trebenishta Lake. There are some nice off road trails to Struga. Then we are coming back taking the old lake side road to Ohrid.

Hard tour 1 (single trails)

On this we are leading you through the National park Galicica. We are visiting the mountain villages connected with off-roads and also some single trails. It requires an experienced technical - ready mountain biker. The views of the lake are breathtaking. Some of the villages Ramne ,Velestovo, Shipokno (the dead village), G. Konsko, Elshani, the old houses, the local people, sheep, goats, shepard dogs and springs with fresh water are the most common decor.

Hard tour 2 (cross-country)

On this tour we are taking you through the National Park Galicica. Up to 1500 altitude all the time there are nice views of the Lake. Then we are going down the valley in the middle of Galicica mountain. Nice off road trail with red send makes you feel like you are on planet Mars. Furthermore you will see the lake at the other side of the mountain - the Prespa Lake. Mixed asphalt off road and single trails will take you down to our side of the mountain back to Ohrid.

Trip around the lake

Let's make one circle on a bike. We are visiting fisherman's villages on the way and also the two towns: Pogradec on Albanian territory and Struga on Macedonian side of the lake. On the way we pass through National Park Galicica. From Pogradec to Lin we cycle on the newly buiilt bike lane asphalt road. Beautiful nature is all the way through.